"The first question is, "Do you want it badly enough?" Answering "YES" is a start. But the real question is, "Will you want it badly enough for long enough to affect real change?" Because it will take time. Wanting it consistently for a long time will influence change more than wanting it for the rest of the week.

So show up. Pay attention. Do the work. Keep the goal in sight.

The mind is primary. The will is what drives you."

Mark Twight - Alpine climber, strength and conditioning coach

My method of selecting students is quite different from a typical martial arts school. Since we are a private training group, enrollment is limited and the emphasis is always on quality rather than quantity. Because of the seriousness and realistic nature of the training involved, anyone inquiring must be over 21 years old to apply.

Please contact us first to schedule an appointment for an interview. Since we are a private training group, we are NOT open to the public and admission is by invite only. We are seeking to surround ourselves with like-minded individual who embrace traditional ideals and hard work. Therefore, visitors and spectators who want to come down just to observe a class are NOT welcomed.

All new students will be placed on a six-month probation period and must demonstrate their diligence during those first six months of training before offically being accepted. Proper attitude, diligent effort, and good attendance is a requirement in order to be accepted and remain a student.

The classes are conducted in both a formal and non-formal style, whereby the students are given directed instruction for large segments of each session, as well as time allowed for personal training at one's own pace. This can involve solo training, such as working on forms or individual skills and working with a partner on specific drills to enhance overall skills and attributes.

Start the process

1 - Please submit a request for an application. If you call, leave a message with your e-mail address. Any messages asking to be called back with be discarded.

2 - Potential students must wait for a reply e-mail from me with a 2 page application/assessment questionnaire attachment that must be completed in full and return to me within the week.

3 - Once I have reviewed the application, a phone interview will be scheduled. If you miss/forget the interview date, another will be rescheduled at our discretion.

4 - After the interview, each prospective student must wait for an invite and then I will give location of the training facility, plus a date and time for them to try their first class.

5 - Each potential student must keep their appointment or contact me if they need to reschedule, If he/she does not show up and does not contact me to let me know that they cannot make it or are running late, they will NOT be given a second appointment and they will lose their spot in the training group.

6 - All students must bring comfortable workout/training clothes so that he or she can participate. Anyone who wants to sit and observe the class will not be allowed in or be asked to leave.

Each student will be given one on one instructions, placing emphasis on detail, quality of training, and depth of understanding. In addition to developing proficiency in the Wing Chun system, students are trained to discipline both the body and the mind, and learn to coordinate them together as one. As they progress in their training, he/she will gradually learn to apply their kung fu skill to all aspects of their lives.

The training is difficult. There are no shortcuts. Physical as well as psychological breakdowns can occur. Individuals will learn to push themselves hard alongside trustworthy colleagues. To maintain this spirit we're dedicated to choosing only students who have the ability to adapt to our philosophy. We are private, but we are not closed.


Because we understand the demands that New York City can place on your schedule, we offer several classes a week. Twice a week is recommended, but coming four days a week is best for those who wish to advance quickly.

Tuesday 6:00pm-7:00pm (Beginner)

Thursday 6:00pm-7:00pm (Beginner)

Saturday 11:00am-12:00pm (Beginner)

Sunday 2:00pm-3:00pm (Beginner)


Tuition is $160 a month. There are no contracts. You are either in or out.